If We Could Reverse Decisions Made

“… behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” 2nd Corinthians 5:20

Many of us would give most of our possessions to reverse a decision or action we made earlier in our lifetime. Think about these Biblical characters:

1.) What if Eve was given another chance to stand before that tree in the garden and choose?

2.) What would David give to reverse that evening on the rooftop when he first saw Bathsheba and have another opportunity to choose?

3.) What would Peter give to relive that night standing by the fire when he denied knowing his Lord, not once but three times? Would he have chosen differently?

More importantly, think about these two:

1.) What would the rich young ruler give to relive the day he walked away from Jesus and choose his possessions over eternal life? If nothing changed later in his life, he is in hell today.  I’m sure he would want the opportunity to choose again, but will never come.

2.) What about the rich man Jesus said who woke up in Hell tormented in the flames. What would he have given to hear the beggar Lazarus tell the story of Jesus? Now, he will never have that opportunity again.

Finally, think about yourself:

1.) Have you heard the way of salvation through the belief and confessing of Jesus followed by repentance and yet either put if off or rejected it completely? Some day in the future, you will regret your decision and wish it were reversed.

2.) Have you had an opportunity to share the news of salvation to a friend or relative and didn’t do it? Have you had an opportunity to invite someone to an evangelistic event at church and didn’t do it? Don’t wait.Take that opportunity now before it’s too late.

Bro. Larry