Boarding the Titanic

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12


When I visit Facebook I see Christian posting words and photos that are a far cry from being Christ-like. This is one reason we need to be very careful about any postings we make. Others are watching and judging Christianity by what you say and do. Something you say or do and even the things you post on Facebook could possibly be a stumbling block for a lost person accepting Christ.


Another happening on Facebook is that evangelical Christians argue over beliefs and ministry methodology appearing to be enemies. I’m not talking about foundational teachings but secondary issues. I have found myself overwhelmed with sadness over the open disagreements. The constant stream of negativity, the critical tone, and the time and energy spent pointing out why one is wrong and the other is right is something I believe we may look back on and be ashamed about. It is as if we modern day Christians are boarding the Titanic and sinking it ourselves. People boarding the Titanic for that historic cruise never dreamed that disaster was awaiting them.


The world needs Jesus more than ever. We fail to focus on evangelism by being the kind of Christians that often keep others from being interested in Christianity. Let’s fuel one another, cheer and pray for one another in our evangelistic efforts.


Make each day count for the Lord by using the wisdom He gives us.


Bro. Larry